Getting Started with Breeze

Breeze allows you to see contact information and profile pictures for all the members of the Church.    As well, you will have full access to your family’s profile, your giving, what groups (family group, special ministries, etc.) you are in, and more.   Please read through the following instructions for detailed information on how to get the most out of Breeze!


If you are a church member and have not created an account in Breeze, please send an email to to request an invitation.  Once you receive the invitation, click on the [Create Account] button and set up your login.

There are 2 ways to Access your Breeze account: 

1) The Breeze App: Search “BreezeCHMS” on your Play Store (Android) or your App Store (Apple).  Church ID = “bayside”

2) The Breeze Website:

Church Directory

1) Select [People] from the dashboard or the task bar on the website

2) Directory Search Options:

By Name

  • Enter their first or last name in the “Filter by Name” box
  • As you are typing letters, the people who meet the criteria will be displayed
  • When you see the person you are looking for, click on their name or picture

    By Search Criteria

  • Click on “Show More Filter Options”
  • Click on the arrows to expand the selections and place check marks in the boxes for your desired search criteria
    • For example: Click on the arrow by “Outreach Ministries”.  Then select the desired group.  Only people belonging to that group will be displayed.
  • When you see the person you are looking for, click on their name or picture

Save a Search

     When you save a set of search criteria, then the next time you want to view the same selection of people, you won’t have to re-select the criteria.

  • Select the desired criteria
  • Click on “More Actions” (left column)
  • Click on “Save this Search”
  • Enter the Name you want for this Search
  • Select [Save Search]
    • For example: Click on the arrows to expand the selections: All Tags / Groups   Then check the box for your desired group.  You will see the people in your selected group.  Follow instructions to Save a Search.

  By Saved Search

  • Click on “Show More Filter Options”
  • Click on the arrow in the Saved Searches box
  • Select the desired Saved Search

Tip: to delete Saved Searches, click on the gear to the right of the Saved Searches box

By Tags

See “Tags” Section below.


You will be able to view your contributions to the Church for the Date Range (2017 and beyond) that you select.

1) Click on “My Profile”

2) Click on “Giving” in the left column (website) or on the Dollar Icon (App)

3) To see your statement, click on the down-arrow next to “Download as Excel”

Please verify your giving periodically, as this is the information that will be printed on your year-end receipt.

If you see any missing or incorrect information, submit an Update Member Form.

Set Up Your Profile / Family

1) Select [My Profile] from the dashboard or the task bar on the website

2) Upload your profile picture

  • Click on the image box at the top of your profile page
  • Click “Upload Image” and select the image you want to upload (jpeg, png, gif or bmp formats accepted)
  • Center the photo outline where you want it on the image

Tip: All photos are forced to a 3×2 ratio.  If you need help, Breeze recommends using Select the “Letterbox” option and set the dimensions to 600×400.

3) Update information for you and your family.  Hover over any Section header and “click to edit section”.  Make sure to [Save] each section before moving to another section or leaving your profile page.

Section Descriptions:


  • First, Last, Middle, Maiden and Nick Names
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Birth Date
  • Anniversary

     Membership Activity

  • Baptism Date – fill in if it is missing


  • Phone Numbers (Tip: If you don’t want these displayed on the Church Directory, click on “Show More Options” and Check “Make Private”).
  • Mobile Phone Carrier
  • Email Address
  • Home Address


Your family members should be displayed here. 

You can click on any family member shown and make updates to their profile, in the same way that you make changes to your own profile.

For children, it is suggested that you make their contact information (if there is any) private.

Personal Info

  • Comments – any information you want stored with your profile
  • Parent Names – if you are updating your child’s profile, please make sure that the parent name(s) are entered here.  (e.g. Johan Vasquez or Kevin & Samantha Walker)
  • Allergies – enter any known allergies for each member of your family
  • Food Restrictions – enter any known food restrictions for each member of your family

Educational Info

  • School – enter name, if applicable
  • Grade – enter grade for each of your children

Tags (aka “Groups”) / Your Tags

Tags are primarily used to send communication to specific groups of people, so it is in your best interest to maintain correct Tag information.  Updates are made by the BCC Administrative Staff, so please submit an Update Member Form if any Tags (groups) are incorrect or missing for you or your family members. 

 1) Click on “My Profile”

 2) Click on “Tags” in the left column (website) or on the Tags Icon (App)

  Here you will see all the Tags (groups) you belong to

3) You may see Tags, such as Sunday Morning Teams, Discipleship Center, and Outreach Ministries.

New automated Children’s Ministry Check In coming soon!  

Act now – if your children belong to a Children’s Ministry class and you don’t see that information displayed when you go to their Profile page, please submit an Update Member Form.