He’s Alive!  

Pray your week is going well.  God is Good!

I am so excited with God’s Continual Blessings of Bayside Community Church in Olivia, where nothing exciting ever happens “BUT” a Great Awakening WILL HAPPEN.  I feel it in my SOUL.

Bible Study and Prayer Meeting this evening (Wednesday, April 17)!

Please review Easter Son Rise Service Plan and let us know if you can help in any area.

Continued Prayers for Healing and Good Health!

HE’s Alive!


Task Force:  Elders, Yokefellows and Church Family


Day before – Saturday April 20, 2019

  1. Check park area at Bayfront – set cross, mow grass, pick up trash if needed
  2. Load up 30 white plastic chairs, 30 metal chairs and a small white table for communion
  3. Place stairs at entry point of entry to bay for baptisms
  4. Set up generator with 100’ feet of extensions for sound system
  5. Prepare Fellowship Hall

– arrange and wipe down tables, clear out cooler, check warmer, set up coffee pots, arrange paper goods, have clean trash cans available, have restroom prepared, remove

any unnecessary items to classrooms


Day of – Sunday, April 21, 2019

Beginning Time: 6:00 am in Fellowship Hall

  1. Open door to hall:  Pastor Ruben
  2. Turn on Warmer and receive items brought
  3. Take loaded chairs to Bayfront park and set up for service, trailer will be on site
  4. Assigned Greeters take established point to welcome guests arriving for service.
  5. Prepare Communion – plates, trays, cups, juice and bread and deliver to Bayfront for service

Communion service team:

  1. Preparation for Baptisms

Escort for candidates in and out of bay:___________________________

  1. Help load and return chairs to hall and set up for breakfast
  2. Clean up Bayfront, stay for breakfast and clean up hall after breakfast
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